Busy Bee Lavender Farm

Welcome to Busy Bee Lavender Farm

We are a Colorado born and raised family that have been growing lavender now for four seasons. We have been planting and nurturing over 600 lavender plants and want to share the beauty of lavender with you. 

What We Do

Lavender, a perennial, is a bushy plant that thrives in semi-arid conditions. Our lavender crop is naturally grown and is a sustainable crop, requiring little additional water and no soil additives. All our lavender has been organically grown, we have not used use any pesticides or herbicides.  We are a small farm and do all the work ourselves, planting, weeding and harvesting are done by hand.  Our lavender field generally blooms through July and often again in September. The lavender is harvested when the flowers are about half to three quarters of the way open, we have traditionally dried the flowers and stripped the culinary varieties for buds.

We love it and you will too! Check our events page for local opportunities to see our lavender fields and meet us at local events or have lavender products shipped to anywhere in the U.S.